15/03 – The Impact Of Different Car-Sharing Variations on Urban Mobility


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The field of car-sharing can seem overwhelming at times. What forms of car-sharing are there? How do they work? Do free-floating and station-based car-sharing, for example, have the same impact on car-ownership or mobility behaviour in cities? Do they support environmentally friendly travel behaviour?

To answer these questions and more, we’re pleased to announce that the SHARE-North project will be teaming up with the Horizon2020 STARS for a joint webinar on Friday, March 15th. The German Carsharing Association will present the results of its recent study on the “User and Mobility Behaviour of Different Car-Sharing Variants”.

More information and register link: https://share-north.eu/events/webinar-car-sharing-varieties-and-their-varying-levels-of-impact