3e Share-North “Dare to Share” Webinar 29/09

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“Mobility Generators” such as business centres, universities and other clusters of employment are major contributors to congestion and transport-related emissions. In order to tackle these challenges, collective transport solutions are required to provide better accessibility, more affordable and sustainable transport for employees’ daily journey to these locations.

Join us in this third webinar of the SHARE-North “Dare to Share” webinar series to discuss transport solutions for commuters and employers.

I will share how ‘Integrating Shared Mobility into Company Policies‘ helps us solve transport problems in our region.

Aurelie Van Obbergen, Intercommunale Leiedal (Belgium)

We will talk about ‘Managing the Journey to Work: West Yorkshire’s Travel Plan Network‘.

Marilyn Healy and Nicola Whatmuff, WYCA (UK)

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